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Paddle and Handle Latches

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Door Latches

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Latch Compartment 3-106

3-106 Series Compartment Latch

Product Image - Paddle Latches

Paddle Latches, Miniature Size

  • It's handsome, flush, corrosion-resistant.
  • Spring-loaded paddle won't rattle.
  • Smooth, slam-action latching.
  • Quick, one-screw mounting.

Material and Finish

      CUP and PADDLE: 302 stainless steel, passivated with brushed finish.

    SLIDE and LEVER : Polyester thermoplastic, gray.
Latch Slam Paddle Handle Mini Non Locking

Mini Paddle Latch

Folding T Handle 18400

Ergonomic "T" Handle Latch

  • Available in single, two and three point versions
  • Padlocking feature standard on all models

Designed to fit most existing "T" handle cutouts
  • Blind mounting, no visible fasteners
  • Compression roller cam for ease of operation and tight sealing
  • Water-resistant construction
  • Built-in cylinder cover
  • Double bitted automotive style key cylinder with over-molded key
  • Ergonomic handle
Item Image - Semi-Flush Recess Latch with Full Water-Sealing

Semi-Flush Recess Latch with Full Water-Sealing

Slack powder-coated, with bright Chromium-plated handle as standard; alternatively, all black.
Zinc diecast handle & base, steel latch bar, yellow zinc plated, Nitrite seal
Robust, one-piece latch, very easily fitted. Looks good on machinery enclosures, cabinets and inspection panels, providing highly cost-effective alternative to plant-on handles or otter flush-latch systems.
Product Image - 55

Pioneer Safe Guard Latch

      Pioneer SafeGuard® latch comes completely equipped with paddle style inside release lever. Mechanically designed to provide easy action for opening and closing doors. Latch releases from inside or outside with minimum pressure or pull. Patented adjustable strike allows perfect alignment of door.

Material :
      High pressure die-cast zinc body and strike housing, forged brass handle, cold rolled steel inside release rod and arm.

Finish :
    Highly polished chrome plated or Tuffkote with highly polished chrome plated handle
Product Image - 100 Series

100 Series Paddle Latches, Miniature Size

  • Metal slide
  • Three grip ranges
    Material and finish
      For Stainless steel cup models

        CUP : 305 stainless steel, brushed finish.

        PADDLE : 302 stainless steel, passivated plus brushed finish.

      COVER : 302 stainless steel, natural.
    For all models
        SLIDE : 1010 steel, chrome plated.

        BRACKET : 1010 steel, DACROTIZED.

        SPRING : 302 stainless steel, passivated.

        PIN is 1018 steel and SCREW is steel;

      these components are zinc plated plus bright chromate dip.

    Working ...